The bike rental is not tied to the booking of a package. Depending on the season, the rental can also be done on a daily basis, but hotel + bike packages and long-term rental have priority.
Bike packages (hotel+transfers+bike) in our partner hotels can be booked directly with our travel agency. Here you benefit from low hotel prices, direct airport transfers and Prime damage insurance included in the package.

Rental bike cancellations

Cancellations of the bike booking are free of charge within 3 days after the booking was made. Then calculate we charge cancellation fees of 50% of the rental price. If the booked bike is not picked up, 80% of the rental price will be charged. In the event of early cancellation, we always try to find an accommodating solution.


Road bikes and fitness bikes: Saddle bag with spare tube and 2 tire levers, mini pump, bike computer, 2 bottle holders.
Mountain bikes and trekking bikes: Breakdown kit with mini pump, repair kit and 2 tire levers, at least 1 bottle holder. For Tubeless MTB's additional tools to remove the valve and a replacement tube.
E-Bikes: For bike rentals of 2 days or more, you will also receive a charger and, if required, a battery key and charging adapter.

All bikes come with an emergency card, either in the saddle bag or in the breakdown kit, with the current emergency numbers and the RIS hotline.

Rental bike takeover

You will receive a technically flawless and clean bike from us, including accessories. When you pick up your bike at one of our bike stations, we will adjust the seat height/pedals to suit you. Any accessories or addons ordered in advance are already installed. Note: Handlebar pads (tri-bars) cannot be mounted on road bikes with aero cockpits.
The final bike cleaning is included in the rental price. At e.g. MTB's you have the opportunity to remove the coarsest dirt in our bike stations before you give it back or park it.

Rental bike handling

We ask that you treat the bike with particular care.
Don't lean the bike on the frame or rear derailleur, better on the raised pedal, on the rear wheel or on the saddle.
Use road bikes only on suitable paved roads.
Protect bicycles against damage when being transported in vehicles. Ask us for boxes or material to put in between.
The bike may only be ridden by the renter and may not be passed on or rented.

IMPORTANT: Please leave the bikes during e.g. hose change or anything else on the head. The shift brake levers on racing bikes contain sensitive mechanics and electronics. For MTBs, additional switching elements or displays for e-bikes. We rate this as "improper handling" in the event of damage.

Your security

We strongly recommend wearing a cycling helmet to protect against head injuries, this is mandatory in Spain outside built-up areas.
Please note the local traffic regulations and specifications. You can find details here...
The renter confirms that he has health insurance in the event of an accident or that he will pay for the costs of medical treatment himself. RIS Sportreisen GmbH is not liable for damage caused by using the bike. In addition, the use and sporting activity with the bike is at your own risk. Participation in tours guided by RIS Sportreisen GmbH is at your own risk.

Rental bike insurance


The renter undertakes to park the bike in a safe, locked place. Theft insurance is not included in the rental agreement.


Base: Damage caused by simple negligence is covered in the rental price of the bike up to an amount of EUR 300. The tenant is fully liable for material damage caused by gross negligence, improper handling and for material damage greater than EUR 300.
Optional Prime: You can optionally add the "Prime" protection to your bike booking with basic protection and covers damage > 300€ with a deductible of 150€ regardless of the total amount of the damage. Property damage caused by gross negligence, improper handling and theft are also not covered here.
The additional costs for the Prime protection are calculated for each bike category and rental period.
Prime protection is included in our bike packages (hotel+bike).